EXP Realty FAQs – Why Are So Many Agents Making A Move?

eXp Realty with over 15000+ agents across the US and Canada has taken partnership to the next level by offering a unique virtual office environment and an amazing revenue sharing eXp model. Here is a list of EXP Realty FAQs which you will not want to miss. At eXp Realty, there are so many incredible […]

From Keller Williams To EXP Realty – Bryan Casella

This podcast highlights Bryan Casella’s move from Keller Williams to EXP realty. Bryan explains how the EXP model fascinated him and the fururistic cloud brokrage model of EXP where everybody wins. Bryan also talks about his experience of revealing the news to his brokerage and the smooth transition which has immensely fueled his growth. He […]