Lead Generation Strategies to Help Build Your Business

For my latest coaching interview, I sat down with Enoch Simmons to talk about how he can improve his lead generation and optimization in order to increase business and build his own real estate team. 

For your convenience, I’ve provided timestamps of our conversation so that you can skip ahead to the section(s) that interest you the most: 

0:45—A history of Enoch’s experience in the real estate business and what he’s learned so far
8:21—Enoch’s goals for 2019 
10:03—How phone tracking helps you reach your sales goals
13:42—Different lead optimization methods
17:02—The growing importance of lead optimization 
18:50—How to use open houses for lead optimization
27:21—The results Enoch has seen from investing in Landvoice  
28:31—Strategies for expired lead generation 
35:26—The educational value of pursuing expired leads 
36:45—Why lead generation precedes building a team
38:24—My advice for Enoch moving forward
39:54—The importance of working on yourself as well as your business to provide more value to people.

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