How to Build a Solid Business Plan to Attract Talented Agents

I’m constantly looking for ways to improve on specific areas of my business, and I know my fellow agents at eXp are trying to do the same. We all know successful teams require talented real estate agents, and the really cool thing about this discussion is that there are a lot of correlations between recruiting/attracting agents and building a real estate business. Today my guest Barbara Legg and I will discuss some of those correlations to provide some tips on how to improve upon and build a better business.

For your convenience, I’ve provided timestamps below so you can navigate the conversation in the video above at your leisure.

1:48—Barbara’s 15-year background in real estate
5:00—Things you can do to build your business plan for 2019 and to ensure that you’re attracting talented agents
6:55—Engaging your sphere of influence
9:00—Effectively communicating the value proposition
11:00—Building a brand
14:40—Stepping outside your comfort zone
17:40—Communicating with Realtors in your marketplace
19:00—What kind of tools, systems, coaching and resources do we need to attract agents?
20:30—Maintaining a good corporate culture
23:20—Grooming agents for independent success
27:10—Creating content
30:00—Experience in the field
33:20—Money is great, but so is helping others
34:00—Regarding “the haters” and their reception of your video content
37:00—Combating nerves
39:52—Relationships are the most important component—you have to earn it

I’m so grateful to Barbara for taking time to have this discussion with me. If you have any questions for me about building your business plan for 2019, feel free to reach out to me. I’d be glad to discuss some tips and advice that I’ve gleaned in my experience in the industry.