Jaret Ghent’s fruitful move to EXP

This podcast provides a comprehensive insight into Jaret Ghent’s fruitful move to EXP realty. Jaret and his wife run one of the top selling real estate teams in Sacramento. It’s interesting to know that Jaret came to know about the EXP model way back in 2010 when the executive team approached him. Jaret explains how the EXP model has evolved over the years and why everyone should be aware of it. He even mentions that EXP realty is the Amazon of the real estate industry.

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Mike: This is the agent revolution podcast. The next evolution of the real estate industry.

Let’s get started.

What’s up? It’s Mike Wall proud EXP agent, owner, team leader and host of The Agent Revolution podcast. Hey, I’m super excited today. Good to talk to Sacramento, California’s own Mr. Jaret Ghent. Jaret and his wife together run one of the top selling real estate teams in Sacramento. Jeret and I get to discuss in detail about when he first heard about EXP and why it took so long for him to make the switch.

So let’s get started. All right!

Jaret Ghent, I am so excited to be sitting down with you today. It is such an honor and a privilege to have you in house sitting down with me and certainly, we have a lot to talk about. So welcome my friend.

Jaret: Glad to be here. Very excited actually to chat with you today and thanks for making this happen.

Mike: You are welcome. So, Mr Ghent, how long have you been in real estate?

Jaret: I have been licensed in the industry for about 21 years now actually in a few States.

Mike: So you’re licensed in multiple states and you’ve been licensed for over two decades.

Jaret: That’s Correct.

Mike: Everyone has a story of how did they get into real state. How did you know about real estate and when did you consider real estate as a career? Tell me a little bit about it. Like how did that look?

Jaret: Yeah, it’s interesting part. So I’ve always been an entrepreneur in my life from a young age. I think I had my first business when I was 12 years old. I was raised by a single mother in a small Midwest town. And we didn’t have a lot growing up. So having things materially I felt was important and most of what I accomplished was through hard work. To be candid with you in a little bit of hard knocks is probably the school I attended. I have a background in construction actually started in the construction industry under design build firm in a lot of different projects over the years. One thing led to another, buying investing in properties. The next phase or natural progression was to have a real estate license to sell our investments. And that led after a few years of having a lot of great success buying properties all over the place primarily throughout the Bay Area in Northern California. It led me to get a real estate license, dive into that and quickly learn that the real estate industry was an animal all in itself.

Mike: Yeah. No absolutely I couldn’t agree more. And so that’s one thing that stands out for me. I think you’re my eighth guest and obviously everybody’s story is a little different but I think the one thing that I hear a lot of times is while talking to most of these team leaders and yourself is that everybody has this entrepreneurial mindset. In other words, they got in to some other type of business potentially first or they had always intended it to be in business for themselves. So that kind of stands out with you as well. So you came into it a little bit different then than some of our other guests. You were an investor first and then you thought why don’t I sell my own properties and add another 3 percent to the kitty.

Is that correct?

Jaret: Yeah that’s exactly and the other part of that is that I’ve always had a passion about homes and building, I think really what it was but candidly I’m a union trained journeyman carpenter. I mean I’ve built houses and designed them from the ground up. So that experience just led me to the other phase which was the real estate phase in the late 90s where like I said I’d out there having a real state license was a simple access saving in commissions which I quickly learned the real estate business was not when I bought it was in it’s a tough road. It takes a lot of training experience. And I love the challenge and I had had a few construction industries or what really led me and pushed me more to the sailed into that was two things. One was I absolutely was intrigued at the business and the challenge of being the best which has been my personality my whole life. I mean that’s really what my focus was at that time was to take something that at first I didn’t have a lot of skills that in reality as far as the licensing end of it. And become the best region has just been my personality my whole life. And I took it and ran. I was blessed with a couple of mentors. One that actually worked with us for a year at Remax and that kind of got my Remax career started and off to a little bit of a start but without that mentor, I don’t believe that it would have been as successful as it was.

Mike: How did you go from just having this mindset where you know what I’m going to get in because I can sell my own properties and I can save 3% of the commission or whatever that looks like for me to Man! you know there’s a real opportunity here I think you know I can make more of this.

I think I can I be the number one agent or one of the most productive agents in my market. How did you make that switch?

Jaret: You know it’s interesting about that you that’s it. That’s a great question. So, really what happened was I had gone back to the challenge of being successful in real estate. You know I think a lot of people that jump in our business believe that it’s easy idea, I did. I think that signs in front of properties and this job. And I just quickly learned that “That’s not a fact”. In fact, what I learned was the business was difficult and that it took a skill set. I just delved into to it. I mean I still continue to buy properties without a question but I really delved into the sales side of it. I spent a majority of my early career with ReMax probably over about seven or eight year period where I was with two franchises; one franchise ironically recruited me from the other. Yeah I just I delved in to. Learning from people around me being around great people. A lot of hard work, a lot of mistakes and eventually the hard work and really out of the box. I don’t do things the way most people do things in the business. I never have and probably anything I may be good. That may be best served me well it’s hurt me at other times but in complete transparency it helped me become top 10 percent the world for five years with Remax back in early 2000s. So it was an incredible accomplishment. We got a team. I had a few Buyers agents. Couple of primary agents my wife was helping me at that time run the business on the back end of the hard work and we had a lot of great success.

Mike: That’s great man.

Mike: So your best year in real estate. What did that look like for you from a production standpoint?

Jaret: I spent the last few years that I was in real estate as I recall I was probably still back in the day I think back in the day when you say that Remax’s model was there you couldn’t count production of other agents or team agents. That is based on your own production and I want to say that it was around 25 or 30 million dollars a year. That was my own personal sales production. I had some pleasure in investments that were outside of that as well that I was doing. But it was a significant amount of real estate for a few years as you can imagine. But, it was it was a great ride I’ll tell you that.

Mike: I actually started in the business also with ReMax and my mentor here in in southwest Ohio was a guy named Phil Herman. Do you know him?

Jaret: You know its interesting. I mean I’ve probably been out of the business so long and I am not sure if I will get any more names. Probably if he had been around for a while because I was a part of the international market, and part of the awards ceremony that were going on with ReMax. To be candid with you, I believed it was the only place to work at that time. I feel really bad it was and I probably might have known him.

Mike: Sure. So you’re focused heavily on supporting other agents and coaching and training and you’re also supporting your wife as well in her business. What is how is that currently structured?

Jaret: Yeah. If you don’t mind I would like to share a little back history that will help understand where I’m currently at. So after spending many years and trying to solve the puzzle of a better way to do business, to be more efficient, earn more, it just gets to a point when you’re paying a brokerage. I don’t know last year I paid sixty thousand dollars or something. We were on our own. So, my wife and I created our own independent brokerage for a decade. Great independent company. I walked from the Northern California market as I had it and was going to get out and build a brokerage. I kind of got on the technology end of the business and I knew there was change coming early, actually some say way early. I created a company called Vision Real state. It was an independent brokerage. We ran during the downturn and we had a lot of great success. It was really virtual paperless forward thinking model similar to where we’re at now with EXP. It was kind of an interesting 10 year period. We had a lot of great agents, a lot of great success, some failures along the way but just constantly knowing that there was a change in our industry coming, it was around the corner and how I first heard about EXP and ended up here ironically was in 2010. I had been contacted by the executive team. At that time, I think Jason just started with EXP being a state broker way back then and my ego said no. I think I gave a little bit and thought what we had was a pretty good model in business. I just have always been entrenched with keeping an eye on where EXP has gone and watching them grow. Frankly.

Mike: Isn’t that interesting. I mean so EXP has been around since 2009 and you heard about it in 2010 in Boise Idaho. Now when you say Jason, are you talking specifically about Jason Gaffing?

Jaret: Yes

Mike: What you got, that’s amazing and you got to come in a little bit there. How was the entire dynamics as you were approached by the leadership team and you created your own company and you were being pursued by a new company. That’s a crazy story, dig into that for me.

Jaret: Yeah it is crazy. When you’re independent, you have little bit of success. I think people find you. Our web presence was pretty dynamic at that point and the company being in real estate. We use the cloud based terms and we had some modeling similar to what is offered at EXP. It was pretty simple to probably do a little research and see that we had a parallel vision and it was interesting. I think Jason hadn’t been with the company very long. It was back in the day when they were hiring state brokers in every state looking to grow in different markets versus having the license as they do now and obviously adapting evolving as things go along with it. It was a trip. I don’t look back at that with any regrets I looked at it really did the timing wasn’t right in the first phase. A few of them were pretty intriguing. Honestly I still have to say that like a lot of people I talked to including myself just not long ago my ego and what I built was in the way period.

Mike: Yeah. One of the questions I ask everybody is to talk about your reaction when you first heard about EXP and you went into that organically which is great. What’s really behind that question is I want everybody to know my story is similar in that I heard about EXP from a person who really didn’t have the influence and maybe my ego was in the way. But it just it for whatever reason it didn’t resonate with me until I heard it from somebody that I really looked up to and who influenced me. You may have a similar story or it may just be that timing, the timing wasn’t right. What I want people to hear when I talk through that with you is the fact that it’s not always that EXP is not the right company for you or whatever company is not the right company for you. It’s just maybe that the timing isn’t right and that’s okay. I would encourage anybody especially those few who are who are trying to stay educated and abreast of what’s changing in technology and in the real estate market to always at least get the information in order to make an intelligent decision.

So you heard about EXP in 2010. When did you actually come over to EXP? When did you make the move?

Jaret: I moved to support my wife’s business here in the last few years. It really have passion about coaching and helping agents. The main scenario that got us initially looking was a guy I also worked with at Remax right here in the Sacramento region. I worked with Brent at Remax when he made the move. It was probably more than 19 months ago and it made a noise in our market. So obviously it drew our attention because he was somebody that I highly respected. I had known for some time. To talk about timing, that really drew our eyes towards him but I never really looked at it.

EXP has gone through a lot of change in the last few years by adapting and evolving which is what you should do. It’s a whole different company now. So the interesting dynamic there was it had our eyeballs on the prize. We were looking at an opportunity to plug into a company where we could scale and grow, where we could work again in multiple markets meaning outside of California and as a bit of an exit strategy from this business. So it kind of got us really looking in to the model. Now everybody asked me this market “hey so you’re working with Brent”. Actually my partner is Jay Kender. When I heard that he pulled the trigger. That was the person that influenced me to stop and say what am I missing. I’m missing something. Not that I didn’t respect everything that Brent had done. I have my eye on it. My wife and I had but again it came back to the timing and it came back to somebody that I’ve known for a while that I respect highly. Then all of a sudden now that he’s making this move, I knew that there was probably something that was missing. I just had to take a little closer look. When my wife and I did. Honestly we said why didn’t we do this two years ago.

Mike: Yeah man what a great story. That is so true I think for so many different people and in so that. What I really want to resonate here is the fact that I think in reality a lot of it is also Influence. And for me you know I was involved in a way with Jay, Mike, and Allen those guys. And so when I first got into the business or back into the business in 2014 I was coaching with them. So they obviously had a huge influence on me so when I see these guys that who I look up to and respect start to pull the trigger and make a move. And these guys I mean they are uber successful. They own their own brokerages and they’re all making the move.

It certainly is a disrupter and it certainly makes you re-evaluate where you are. So I mean I get it. And what I want you know that agent and brokers that’s listening to you and I talk here to resonate with them. You’re going to be approached or you could be approached in your market by different people and for whatever reason you, either that person doesn’t have any influence or the timing is not right for you. I would just encourage you to get as much information as you can. Over a hundred agents every week are joining this company and why that the company’s doubled in size over the last six to eight months. That’s a big deal. And you know, I don’t want to you don’t want to talk this to death. Obviously this is more about you today but I’m glad you put that out there because I think that will impact that agent or that broker who is listening, who shares a similar experience with you.

Jaret: I want to kind of give a different perspective here because I hear a lot of different things not every market is a bit different. I have met people who think ultimately timing is everything. If it is then I believe that the timing is now. The company has made very intelligent business decisions. They have influenced influencers. When you see top people who are not only smart but they’re looking for a better way and they know the industry in and out. There making these moves on a daily basis. I can tell you the timing is now, the company is going to continue to grow and continue to flourish but there’s just things that they have done at a level in the last couple of years most people don’t really understand because they don’t take the time to look.

The second part is people. People run companies. The people and the quality people that are around every day from whom you and I benefit from. Probably the biggest thing that I didn’t even realize when I joined the company was not even a factor. I would have the advantage to work with some of the brightest minds in real state. I would build a network with them and seek training from them and merger with them and mass remind them. That never even entered into equation of thoughts as there were other things that we were looking at dynamically. And I think that now is really why the growth is at a Big Pace is that it’s our business. There is finally a huge influence that moves everybody. That people get it and then there’s another perspective about business models that people don’t think about. There’s a lot of different talk with things going on between our company other companies good bad or indifferent. But the behind the scenes I’d run a brokerage in I had a plan to have a national company and a national network and a grand plan. What you quickly realized. And what position EXP has put themselves in that nobody thinks about. Is that this company has licenses the majority of the state now in the country and obviously outside the states of the U.S. What they have is they have data. They have access now to MLS systems under one roof. They have access to data which could be critical and pivotal if it’s used appropriately, what I mean is that they can do or will do in the future with that which is a huge benefit for anybody at this company. And that’s a little deep I don’t want to be a little deep. But that’s not that I think that’s often way over looked in this company.

Mike: Yes, I get it man. That is the push with Keller Williams becoming a technology company. I mean a lot of people are making push for data right now and we know you know. We know who ever at the end of the day whoever owns the data. They’re going to control where the market goes in the future or at least have some leverage with that data. So I’m going to go back to you talking about when you made the change this year by talking to your wife.

Was that a struggle for you guys? I mean with your current situation you talked a little bit about ego. I know that’s been an issue for Mark and me personally. Was that a struggle? when you guys decided what would happen. I mean when you guys just decided okay, there’s enough information. It’s time to make the change. What did that conversation look like with your wife?

Jaret: Yeah it was interesting and obviously my wife and I have not only been married 25 years this October and the we have been together nearly 30 years. We’ve been working together for some time. At one point she supported me and at another point I was supporting her. When we first evaluated it. The ego side of me said I wanted to keep what I created Vision real estate in that brand and in that model. And yet we could do this brokered by whatever even with EXP and keep tracking along because that was important to me. My wife, the factor was she was the broker at the time she’s out there selling every time she’s a responsible broker. So really that liability mitigating risk that comes along with that that was a huge factor for her and the opportunity for us to build an exit strategy to invest in the company that we believe in the future to purchase the stock, earn stocks and build team across borders. We wanted to rebuild back in Idaho. That’s actually what we’re doing. We have a team in Idaho and our team here in Northern California personally. So those are all factors that weighed into you. The crazy thing is what I showed you man crazy is. As much as that was in my way. I just spent. The last couple of weeks. Rebranding all of our marketing our websites and absorbing. We are EXP. The colors, the logos, we got rid of our namesake and everything because we’re in it. We as much as out with a hurdle for me probably more than my wife. We’re EXP and that’s where we’re at and we’re proud where we were work and we like the environment that we work in and the direction this company is going. There have been bumps in the road companies that have this kind of growth. Nothing is perfect but our transition was smooth. In fact that was probably one of our biggest innovations is winding down and brokerage after decades. What does outlook why and then what will the transition be over. it was really pretty seamless and in here. It was really a pretty smooth. Transition. Better than what we had anticipated. There’s no doubt that we get it. We’ve run a company before. Nothing’s perfect although we want perfect things happen automatically. Just be perfectly just because you think they should be. The big man scheme we believe we are in the right place at the right time. We believe we’re the Amazon of real estate. We believe we are the future of the Industry. Could I believe that for years I say in 2000, I wrote a blog. Here’s a crazy story. I wrote a blog in 2000-2001 that said the internet will forever change the real estate industry. If I could share with you and even give you some picture of the backlash that I got from that, from as deeply as the ones that told me I was crazy. Some said I was a kook. They said it will never happen. Now you look fast forward and It’s exactly what has happened. Technology, our industry, the internet, all of it ran together is shaping the way we do business. Everybody everywhere. In every industry is changing. And I just believe. Glenn understood that and it. Had a plan. And the people around him to put it in order different part Angele brave enough to venture out into kind of uncharted territory right.

Mike: Yeah absolutely. So that agent or broker listening to you and I talk right now and you know and they’re thinking about making the move to EXP. What would you say directly to them?

Jaret: Well I’ll tell you candidly there. If you think you’ve heard about EXP he may be heard about a year ago. Or frankly still arguable that haven’t. Take the time to actually evaluate the business model. In actual people they say look if you’re an agent or a broker.

You know we we’ve done all those roles. In the broker level the keyword in broker is broke. I mean you have a successful business. We ran a successful business and were very profitable at what we did because we ran it more as a team model and we had our structures set. However. We’d also understood that we were in the business. And then once we exited the business the business didn’t exist. So this is really in my opinion. A no brainer from a real estate brokers small independence that I truly believe that. We just wish we had started a little bit earlier as we missed about a little bit. On their respective. The facts are simple that people don’t quite realize that the. Agents believe they need a lot of things that don’t even actually exist even in a traditional model. At the end of the day what an agent needs to look at EXP. They look at EXP for Not only the future and their future but the opportunity of collaboration. To be with people like yourself that are top professionals they have a financial state in their success. That’s not a bad thing. I mean it’s a great thing to have people that loved to help love to coach and have taken all the knowledge, incredible experience like yourself, have sold some homes, that will take their time to teach you. How to have success. Because it makes sense.

People need to sit down like we did over eight years. They need to sit down and look and listen and see what am I missing. I’m telling you. There’s really a lot of people there are going to look back. When I started here there were 5000 agents. There’s to be a lot of people who are going to look back one day they’re going to look back at his company and go “Man I wish I would have gotten involved”. Back in 2017 or 2018. When the company has 100000 agents. Strong. Across the country or across the world or more because this is the future of this business model. The way you do business. Today! This model is it and I believe it.

Mike: Boom. I love it man, I love it. The hashtag for the show is – the keyword in broker is broke. The keyword in brokers are broke. So hashtag keyword a broker is broke. I love that man. Thank you so much for spending some time with me today. Like I said it’s just been it’s been an honor to sit down and chat with you and I appreciate you sharing your experience.

Jaret: I appreciate it. I appreciate you too. Anything I can do in a future, we’ll chat down the road I’m sure. Keep killing it. Thanks for having me on today. Hopefully we’ve had a little bit of insight to some people that are reaching out there wondering or I’m sure they need to reach out to you and really take a deep dive and learn a little bit more about the ins and outs and all the good here at EXP.

Mike: Yeah I mean I appreciate it. So one more question knowledge to go so that you know you have a great story and I know this will resonate with some people. How can people connect with you?

Jaret: The easier way honestly is simply Facebook. I mean unfortunately I haven’t moved. I’ve got an Instagram account, but not quite active. Maybe it’s my age. Facebook, it’s just my personal name. So, connect with me there and my web address is jaretghent.com. I have been there for years. So, yeah anyone that wants reach out to ask questions I would be happy to answer them.

Mike: All right Jarret. Hey thank you so much. I just loved talking to Jaret and hearing about his journey. That’s one of my favorite things about doing this is just getting to hear everybody’s unique story. Hey please do me a favor if you know someone who you think might enjoy the podcast please. share it with them if you like the podcast please go to wherever you listen to podcast and subscribe and if you’re curious about the EXP or what it can do for you and your business, Head over to explodingwealth.com and watch my short video and I’d love to talk to you one on one if you have some time 30 minutes schedule a time at meetmikewall.com and I’ll be happy to talk to you privately about EXP or just answer any questions that have. Thats all for this episode of the Agent revolution. Thanks again.

We’ll see you next week.